e-Yantra: Engineering a better tomorrow

eYRC- e-Yantra Robotics Competition

A unique robotics competition where participants “learn while they compete and compete while they learn.” The competition is a “hardware MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) available internationally.

What is eYRC ?

  • A truly inclusive and international competition accommodating teams with varied level of skills from beginners to advanced teams.
  • Our abstracted gamified problem statements (called Themes) range from a variety of skills including ROS, Machine Learning, Image Processing, 3D Designing, Embedded Systems, Functional Programming and much more.
  • Conducted completely online over a period of 5-6 months in a “LEARNING while COMPETING” mode.
  • An exceptional hands-on learning experience to complement and enhance your engineering curriculum.
  • Work in team and learn “Collaboration” - a crucial 21st Century Skill
  • Compete with International students

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