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e-Yantra is a robotics outreach program funded by the Ministry of Education and hosted at IIT Bombay. The goal is to harness the talent of young engineers to solve problems using technology across a variety of domains such as: agriculture, manufacturing, defence, home, smart-city maintenance and service industries.

207300 +

Students Benefited

  3250 +

Colleges Benefited

500 +

Internships Offered

500 +

e-Yantra Labs

What we do

We complement the existing higher education system Project Based Learning - i.e. “Learn by Doing”. We train students, teachers and institutions by establishing an innovation culture tasked with solving real problems using technology. We build e-Yantra labs in colleges to facilitate training and to connect students and teachers to a wider innovation community served by e-Yantra.


e-Yantra Robotics Competition

A unique robotics competition where participants “learn while they compete and compete while they learn.” The competition is a “hardware MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) available internationally.


e-Yantra Innovation Challenge

A unique Innovation Challenge where participants are mentored in Innovation & Entrepreneurship skills. e-Yantra provides platforms that accelerate the building of prototype solutions to real problems.


e-Yantra Lab Set-up Initiative

An Initiative to train teachers and institutions by establishing a culture of “Project Based Learning” and solving real problems using technology hosted in a physical lab.


e-Yantra School Robotics Competition

The junior version of the e-Yantra Robotics Competition targeted at school children internationally. Currently designed for students from standards 8th to 12th (13-17 years).


e-Yantra MOOC

e-Yantra MOOC is an online platform developed to offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for students / working professionals from varying backgrounds.


e-Yantra Farm Set-up Initiative

An Initiative deals with developing know-how for building smart agriculture projects i.e Test Beds for addressing real world problems.

What makes us unique

  • We bring a project based component into engineering education - i.e. “learn by doing”
  • Domain specific training to build real-world problem solving abilities
  • Create a sustainable ecosystem with students and faculty
  • The goal is for students to solve real problems, to do startups and be inspired to pursue higher level R&D skills
  • We have established robotics labs in more than 500+ colleges across India

Technology Stack

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